Fun Competition Results

Posted by Paul L STC, W on August 4, 2015 at 10:50 AM

We had a great weekends flying with the weather playing ball for a change and for those who could get out at short noticed made the best of it.  Saturday we had 4XCs and quite a lot of extended flights and good height gains by the rest.  Sunday started good but deteriated a bit by the time we started with the early flights getting the best of it.  With only 5k seperating the top 3 pilots it was a close thing but the suprise winner is Richard Hunt.  I dont mean suprised on his abillities but just that we were sure Darren had won.  The spot comp was very testing in the conditions and the small spot i put out was not landed on so has been judged on the nearest pilot to it for Saturday.  Sunday we put the spot out so a glide was needed to reach so by default was won by the only pilot to go for it.  Mike has now become the new club anvil and is loving it but as usual he did come and pick us all up which is not kind harted just a hatred of being at the field putting the equipt away :lol:.  The best shoulda woulda coulda was Keith who on Sunday was testing James's K4 and was up at 3000 and came back (what a plonka) :lol:

XC Comp

1st      Richard Hunt  46.11  24.63

2nd     Darren Smith  45.79

3rd      Paul Leary  41.16

4th      Pete Harris  18.47

Spot Landing

1st      Pete Woodin

2nd     Paul Leary

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