Glider Storage / Sort Out

Posted by Paul L STC, W on September 7, 2015 at 4:50 PM

Hello All


At our last meeting the subject of glider storage / lack of space came up again so we have come up with a solution.


On the 7th of November (or date to suit all) after the main flying season is over we would like as many of you to volunteer to meet us at the hangar to sort the gliders into 3 categories


1 Gliders with tags on that will be going into new glider tubes (Keith sorting out) Tubes will be owned and paid for by the club but rented at £45 per year instead of in rack at £25 / year (3 years to break even)

2 Gliders with tags on that will stay in the rack

3 Gliders with no tag on being placed in the don’t know / scrap pile outside the rack.


You can see the plan is to get all in use gliders tagged so we know 1 they are in use and 2 they have paid storage. Its your responsibility to either put a tag with your name onto your glider or get someone else to do it for you. Please don’t complain if you turn up next year and your glider is at the bottom of the pile. Something needs to be done we are simply running out of rack space storing in some cases peoples unwanted extra gliders and donated gliders we have forgotten about..


Stage 2


Next year, a year after the clear out in November 2016 we will sort through the pile and sell off all usable gliders as we will deem them unwanted, donated or un paid for items.



I will bring a pile of tags up this weekend and leave in a bucket in front of the rack simply fill in your name and put on zip both ends if need be as we need to see which ever way you put your glider in. Please forward this message to anyone you think may have a glider in the hangar (especially old members) that are not on this list. This message is also going to the 110 people registered on our web site which I believe is all members old and new since the web site was created aprox 4 years ago. So if you are not aware of this message you must have a glider over 4 years unpaid for and abandoned / donated. Remember it is a club rule you must be a member of the club to store a glider in the hangar so please don’t ask to pay just for the storage as we are a h/g club not a self storage facility.


Thank you for your co operation in solving this problem.




Regards Paul L


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