Posted by michael cushion on April 20, 2016 at 5:25 AM

I have recieved the following email from Pete the Greek re West Runton, he is doing his best to resolve the situation.

To all NHGPC club members,

This is a polite message to all hang glider and paraglider pilots who use our West Runton coastal flying site.


All launching from this site known as Sea View Car park has been suspended until further notice.


We are attempting to make reconciliation with the owners due to an incident made by a visiting non BHPA paraglider pilot that was apparently rude to the proprietors of the establishment, to put it politely. This incident today seems to have been a culmination of other situations regarding the access and safety to the public who are on this site.


This situation was inevitably the tipping point by Martin and Louise O'Shea who own the Cafe at West Runton as well as the parking area have provided us a rare and an exceptional location to launch our paragliders and hang gliders when the conditions allow for many years in the past.

From what I have found out so far, this situation today was avoidable.


My closing comment would be; don't use this site until further notice. Be respectful. That's free.

Peter Marcou

Sites Officer



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