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To submit an XC claim send the details including landing coordinates in British Grid format to:

1. Have Fun
2. Distance is measured point to point. The start point will be a pre-designated point from a winching runway. The end point will be the centre of the landing field approximated by the administrator without prejudice.
3. Coordinates must be submitted or confirmed to the league administrator within 28 days of the flight to qualify. Coordinates can be in the form of a telegram landing message, here I am text, grid reference, lat n long or a gps trace.
4. Appeals regarding yours or another pilots landing position must be lodged by email within 28 days of the flight or 7 days after flight has been published on the league.
5. Any flight found to have taken place in airspace will score 0 (30 metre tolerance).

Start Points
Mickfield Runways (Centre)
E/W: TM 134 636
N/S: TM 133 621
NE/SW:TM 129 640

Metfield: TM 306 792
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