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We recomend you complete your training before you buy anything. after that we can help you select the right equipment for you. this may include the following:

  • Glider
  • harness

  • parachute
  • tow release

  • Flying suit
  • instuments

BHPA membership

club membership

Tow Launch / Winching

To fly in the flatlands, we oporate a winch. Tow launching is an easy way to get airborne with no hill. a long cable is attachd to the pilot via a quick relese mechanism, and the pilot and glider is given forward momentum by a wich that pulls at a set pressure. This forward pull is converted into a climb by the pilot. Heights of 500 - 1000ft are easily achievable and even higher in cettain conditions.
Once in the Air the Pilot releases and is free flying. With skill and persistance thermal updrafts can be utilised to complete Long unpowered cross country flights. The best of these flights are entered into our competative league creating a wonderfully engrosing sport.


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