SCFHGC Flying Sites

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Mendlesham Airfield

Wind direction: E--w   N -- S Grid Ref: TM 133 636 Map

Mendlesham is our primary flying site. You will find us here most weekends.

The air-strip is what is left of an old WW2 aerodrome.[more info: coming soon}

At Mendlesham we use static winches to Tow Launch our gliders. Usually we are able to achieve height gains of 1,000 ft+ off the tow. Thereafter, the hope is to connect with a  rising thermal  to enable us to climb  and then see how far we can fly over the East Anglian country side, jumping from cloud to cloud. But most flight are circuits of the local area landing back at take off ,to try again.


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Metfield Airfield

Wind direction: ALL

Grid Ref: TM 310 793 Map

Metfield is our other towing site. It also is an old WW2 aerodrome and we operate off the remaining concrete along the old runways and peri-tracks. We usually go to Metfield when the wind is either NW;NE;SW;or SE .


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Wind direction: Easterly

Grid Ref: TM 547 961 Map

Corton is our prime coastal soaring site. Takeoff from Corton enables us to fly South towards Lowestoft or North towards Gorleston. This beautiful and scenic part of the Suffolk countryside lacks any developed facilities but the site does allow for Top Landings in certain conditions, as opposed to beach landings, which makes the site ideal for picnics with family and friends.[ no tide issues ] 

 Visiting pilots contact us before flying this site. 


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When conditions suit, the club, courtesy of the Norfolk Hang Gliding Club, is able to make use of some additional coastal sites...



Wind direction: North Easterly

Grid Ref: TG 299 377 Map

Two takeoffs from Mundesley,alows a large wind range plus the ever presents of the challenge of flying all the way to Weybourne and back,  then on towards Bacton before flying back to land at Mundesley ,landing on the beach .[no top landing here ,rotor from the cliffs]  check tides. [ normally 3hrs either side of LW] Do not fly further than the start of the gas terminal fence ,turn well before as they get twitchy. The golf ball is a radar dome fly at cliff height or below 200yrds either side of it .

Visiting pilots contact us before flying this site.


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West Runton

Wind direction: Northerly [ will take some west]

Grid Ref: TG 183 431 Map

West Runton provides an opportunity for us to fly between Weybourne and Cromer with the run to mundesley/bacton also possible. The takeoff area is close to a Cafe and shop where hot drinks,food and loos are available. strong rotor means a minimum of a nose man is required to get to launch.carefully rig up too as the rotor is never far away.

Please Note, there is a parking fee that applies to this site, and all flying memebrs are requested to ensure that other cars in the locallity have paid their fee. This includes onlookers. If the person conserned does not appear to wish to pay, please report this to the Cafe owner, who can then do something about it. This is an ongoing problem, and must be addressed. [ no top landing here cliffs creating rotor] check tides. [ normally 3hrs either side of LW]

Visiting pilots contact us before flying this site.


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